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Breaking News!! UC Berkley Eases Lockdown

uc berkeley eases lockdown

On the 21st of April 2022 by 2:30pm, UC Berkley eases lockdown which was put in place as a result of anonymous tips received by the university’s police department which was seen to pose significant threat to life and property on campus. This was met with a a lot of relief by students and staff […]

Visa Overstay And Its Consequences

visa overstay

Visa overstay occurs when you stay longer than your visa duration permits. All passports stamped with visas have visa expiration dates, which is indicated on a I-94 Form, it is assumed that you should have left your country of residence by the time your visa is set to expire. This is however usually not the […]

Why You Should Study Abroad

going to school

A lot of people have always wanted to travel to study abroad. Whether this being for their first, second or third degree, that being undergrad, masters or doctorate. You might have visualized yourself in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom or even Australia studying in universities in those countries. While this is a worthy […]