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entry level job at mattel

Entry level jobs offered by Dutch companies globally are usually seen as a measure used to cut cost by sponsoring the work visa of foreign nationals to come into the Netherlands for the purpose of securing this open positions.

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Beneficiaries of these jobs are trained to the standard of the company so that they embody international best practices. Some of these positions do not require any prior work experience others need the most minimal of work history. However, almost all need some level of academic qualification for candidates to be eligible.



All entry level jobs require potential recipients to be self-driven, willing to learn and proactive in their approach towards problem solving. These are bare minimum requirements mandatory to land these vacant positions as most of the companies advertising these jobs have fortune 500 status.

In this article, we will go through 7 entry level jobs being offered by 7 Dutch companies for foreign nationals interested in moving to the Netherlands for work.


entry level job for the netherlands


Entry Level Jobs Offered By 7 Companies In The Netherlands

Mattel Incorporated

Headquartered in El Segundo, California, the public traded company Mattel Incorporated is one of the leading global toy companies across the world. They own an impressive catalog of children’s and family entertainment franchises worldwide.

Engaging consumers through multiple portfolios of iconic brands, which includes Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, American Girl, Thomas & Friends, UNO, Masters of the Universe, Monster High and MEGA.

They also hold stakes in the entertainment industry with remarkable offerings which includes film and television content, gaming and digital experiences, music, and live events. Operating in 35 locations, with a product line available in more than 150 countries.


mattel barbie doll line up


Mattel collaborates with the world’s leading retail and ecommerce companies to make this a reality. And are looking for suitable applicants to fill up entry level jobs in their Dutch outlet.

Order Processing Assistant

Mattel Inc. seeks an order processing assistant, to take up an entry level position in their Dutch office. This position is open to global applicants interested in moving to the Netherlands.

In this position, a successful applicant will be required to;

  • Process orders in a timely and accurate fashion
  • Take part in process improvement projects
  • Work in synergy with customer service located in the local markets in which the company operates in
  • Maintain accurate customer data


order processing assistant


  • Might be required to maintain a general system setting
  • Respond to queries that come in from time to time
  • Oversee extra administrative work Additional administrative tasks as approved

Eligibility Criteria for this Entry Level Position

Applicants are required to meet a basic qualification to be eligible for this open position. They must;

  • Have a minimum education requirement of at least high school or bachelor’s degree level qualification along with a work experience in data processing & control and change management. With an experience period of preferably 2 years
  • Be proficient in the use of English both in written and spoken forms. A Second European language is considered a plus
  • Be able to use a computer, particularly software like Microsoft office. Showing average proficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel
  • Be able to have data entry skills on an accurate and numeric level
  • Be able to put the team first and have a team approach to solving challenges
  • Show flexibility and proactivity in accomplishing set task.

Click here to Apply


Dutch entry level jobs


Soho House & Co

For applicants interested in working in the hospitality industry, Soho House & Co offers a great opportunity. They are a collection of members’ clubs, restaurants, hotels and cinemas, saddled with catering to customers in the film, media, fashion and creative industries.

This company has ventures located throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, with prospect of new openings planned globally. Soho House provides luxurious spaces for its diverse membership and teams to connect, grow, have fun enjoying the warmth impact.

Offering competitive compensation packages that feature global benefits and perks, whether recipients seek entry level jobs or a new opportunity to expand their professions, this company offers training to develop the technical and managerial skills necessary to enhance the beneficiary’s career.

Soho House & Co is recruiting for experienced as well as entry level jobs, in their Amsterdam and North Holland outlets. Openings that seek to be filled are;


Soho House & Co Entry Level Jobs


Night Manager

An experienced Night Manager is sought after to join the Soho House & Co Amsterdam team. In this role, applicants will be responsible for the hotel and venue at night. Beneficiaries will work together with the Front of House Manager.

He/she will lead and perform all front desk duties including check-ins, checkouts, reservations, guest phone messages and special requests. The recipient of the night manager position needs to have prior experience, because they will also be responsible to develop and train the night team.


There are benefits that accrue when the night manager position is secured. Such as;

  • This role offers a sign-on Bonus (Swapfiets or Gym Membership) for one year
  • All travel costs fully covered > 7.5km
  • With night allowance of 15% paid every month
  • Sponsored team events and supplier trips


Soho House & Co Lounge


  • The Night manager gets a Soho Friends Membership
  • The job comes with a discount on F&B, rooms and Cowshed
  • Full partnership discounts (gym, health insurance)
  • Beneficiaries get one paid moving day per year
  • As well as two paid volunteering days per year

Eligibility Criteria For The Night Manger Position

  • The ideal candidate is one who has gained similar experience in a fast-paced hospitality environment as a Night Manager or Reception Manager
  • An individual with problem solving skills and previous experience of managing complaints efficiently
  • Should have garnered previous experience in the field of Opera/Salesforce which is beneficial


Soho House & Co Night Manager


  • A team player who communicates well with all colleagues
  • Must show schedule flexibility to work on weekends and late-nights
  • A person with an excellent attention span dedicated to detail and administrative skills
  • With a high level of communication in English both spoken and written, which is a key requirement. Dutch communication skill is a huge bonus.

Click here to Apply

Front Office Intern

Soho House Amsterdam seeks an outgoing Front Office Intern to join their team. This is an entry level job that requires successful applicants to be able to greet members and assist the front office team with general reception duties.

During this internship Soho House pledges to offer successful candidates training to develop their technical and managerial skills necessary to enhance their career. The ultimate goal is to coach recipients so that they are able to work independently.


office intern at Soho House & Co


Benefits Of this Position

There are key benefits that accrue to recipients of this position such as;

  • An internship allowance of €1000 per month that recipients are entitled to
  • Accompanied meals on plotted shifts
  • Acquiring in house experience with
  • Regular free meals in restaurants
  • Being entitled to team events and supplier trips
  • And Discounts on F&B, rooms and Cowshed

Eligibility Criteria For The Front Office Intern Position

There are key requirements that must be met by applicants interested in filling this entry level job. After these criteria are met then potential beneficiaries of this position can fill an online application for the role. Interested applicants must be;

  • People interested in the hospitality industry and are looking for an internship as part of your study
  • In a position to seek an internship for at least 19 weeks
  • Individuals who are team players with ability to communicate well with all colleagues
  • A person with strong English communication skills

Applicants can apply here


office intern at Soho House & Co


Food & Beverage Intern

A food and beverage intern is sought to fill this vacant position in the Soho House Amsterdam outlet. This is an entry level job. As a Food & Beverage Intern, the individual will be in charge of offering support to the Food & Beverage team ensuring the best guest experience for members. The intern will take orders, prepare drinks, provide advice to members and prepare place for service.

During the internship period the company will offer successful recipients training to develop their technical and managerial skills necessary to enhance the individuals’ career. The finite mission here is to guide the ideal candidate so that they are able to work independently.


There are key benefits that accrues to candidates that get selected for this position. Benefits such as;

  • An internship allowance of €1000 per month that recipients are entitled to
  • Accompanied meals on plotted shifts
  • Acquiring in house experience


Entry level job


  • Regular free meals in the in-house restaurant
  • Being entitled to team events and supplier trips
  • And Discounts on F&B, rooms and Cowshed

Eligibility Criteria For The Food & Beverage Intern Position

There are key requirements that must be met by applicants interested in filling this open position. After these criteria are met then potential beneficiaries can apply online for the role. Applicants must be;

  • People interested in the hospitality industry and are looking for an internship as part of your study
  • In a position to seek an internship for at least 19 weeks
  • Individuals who are team players with ability to communicate well with all colleagues
  • A person with strong English communication skills

Click here to apply for the Food & Beverage Intern Position


Entry level jobs in the Netherlands


Cargill Inc

Cargill incorporated is an agtech company that works with farmers to increase regenerative agriculture and reduce environmental impact. They create everyday earth-friendly items, like feed that reduces methane emissions and waste-based renewable fuels. Harnessing the power of technology, using artificial intelligence to keep animals healthier while making producers more productive.

This company, headquartered in the United States, is looking for a self-driven individual to fill up the entry level job of a supply scheduler in their Sas Van Gent outlet located in the Netherlands. This is a global recruitment effort.

Supply Scheduler

The role of supply scheduler entails preparing, issuing and controlling production schedules for direct material requirements to ensure a controlled flow of goods and materials to meet production schedules.


cargill inc


As stated earlier, it is an entry level job, in which a professional is wanted to support master production planning, process development, planning and execution, customer and client interaction, business partnership, systems/data management, reporting and analysis is what’s needed.

Positional Work Flow

  • Successful candidates are expected to expedite the workflow and coordinate changes in duty schedules
  • They are required to assist in setting master production planning, material requirements planning as well as making sure that production scheduling metrics targets are hit
  • Beneficiaries have to provide necessary input for assigned product or location
  • Maintaining data relevance to master production, production scheduling and material requirements, planning activities which includes event scheduling, material data and location data
  • Supply schedulers are expected to handle basic issues and problems under direct supervision, while escalating more complex issues to the appropriate staff
  • Handle other assigned duties in an efficient manner


cargill inc supply scheduler


Eligibility Criteria for the Supply Scheduler Position

Key requirements must be met by applicants interested in filling this open position. After which potential beneficiaries of this entry level job can fill an online application for the role. Interested applicants must meet a minimum qualification before they can be considered for this role. There’s also a preferred qualification that puts a candidate in the best possible position to be accepted.

Minimum Qualification

  • Applicants are required to have a bachelors degree or its equivalent
  • Have a good command of the English language (verbal and written) as well as fluency in a local language

Preferred Qualification

  • Potential applicants are mandated to be experienced in supply chain planning
  • He/she must show an understanding of tools and systems supporting production as well as scheduling processes (such as JDE One World, OMP+ and SAP)
  • A team-oriented mindset is a prerequisite
  • The candidate has to be a hands-on problem solver
  • And always eager to learn, to develop. With copious amount of proactivity

Click here to apply for the supply scheduler position


Cargill global recruitment


Medpace Inc.

Since 1992, Medpace has consistently held to a model of providing clinical development services to biopharmaceutical and medical device Sponsors. Even as the industry explored various outsourcing/insourcing models – functional, clinical staffing and hybrids – Medpace has been at the forefront of choosing to drive success for its sponsors through full-service clinical trial outsourcing.

Entry Level Clinical Research Associate

Medpace is currently recruiting for an entry level clinical research associate, which is an entry level job. This position offers applicants the unique opportunity to have an exciting career in the research of drug and medical device development with the aim of making a difference in the lives of those around them.

Potential beneficiaries with medical and/or health/life science interest and background who want to explore the research field and be part of Medpace’s team whose mission is to bring pharmaceutical and medical devices to market are invited to apply for this open position, which could be the right opportunity for a clinical expert’s career.


Dutch Entry level clinical researcher


This is an entry level job as such no clinical experience is required as successful applicants will be trained to fill this position. However, there are key professionals that have been known to historically succeed in this job;

  • Nurses
  • Dieticians
  • Pharmacists
  • Biomedical researchers
  • Pharmaceutical/Device Sales Representatives
  • Biotech Engineers
  • PhD/Pharm.D candidates
  • Research Coordinators
  • Research Nurses


The Entry Level Clinical Research Associate role takes successful applicants on an exciting journey which allows them to make a difference on a large scale through the enhancement of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.  The CRA position provides many other distinctive advantages including:


Medpace entry level jobs for the Netherlands


  • Offering Mid-sized clinical staff base where each member is not just a number
  • Dynamic working environment, with varying responsibilities on a day-to day basis
  • Expansive experience in multiple therapeutic areas
  • Work within a team of therapeutic, medical and regulatory experts
  • Internally designed propriety Clinical Trial Management System – one stop shop for EDC, IWRS, regulatory portal, visits reports, and more
  • Defined CRA promotion and growth ladder with potential for mentoring and management advancements
  • Opportunity to work from home once job experience is gained
  • Competitive pay

Job Responsibilities

There are key entry level job responsibilities that new recruits into this department are required to carry out on a daily basis. This includes;

  • Conducting qualification, initiation, monitoring, and closeout visits of research sites in compliance with the approved protocol;
  • Communicating with the medical site staff including coordinators, clinical research physicians and their site staff;
  • Verifying adequate investigator qualifications, training and resources, including facilities, laboratories, equipment, and staff;




  • Medical record and research source documentation, verification against case report form data, including informing the site staff of any entry errors, ensuring good documentation practices are being adhered to and communication protocol deviations appropriately recorded per SOPs, GCP and applicable regulatory requirements;
  • Verifying that the investigator is enrolling only eligible subjects;
  • Regulatory document review;
  • Medical device and/or investigational product/drug accountability and inventory;
  • Verification and review of adverse events, serious adverse events, concomitant medications and corresponding illnesses to confirm accurate data reporting in accordance with the protocol;
  • Assessing the clinical research site’s patient recruitment and retention success and offering suggestions for improvement; and
  • Completion of monitoring reports and follow-up letters, which includes providing summaries of the significant findings, deviations, deficiencies, and recommended actions to secure compliance
  • Maintaining close collaboration, interaction, and effective working relationships with international Medpace internal cross-functional teams


medpace team


Eligibility Criteria To Apply For This Position

  • A minimum bachelor of Science in Health or Life Science related field
  • Willing to travel approximately 60-70% nationally;
  • Familiarity with Microsoft® Office;
  • Fluent in Dutch and English;
  • Strong communication and presentation skills; and
  • A Valid driver’s license

Click here to apply for the position.

Hyatt Regency Amsterdam

Hyatt Regency Amsterdam is a global hospital company that brings botany & sustainability to life with award-winning living interior, botanical inspired guestrooms. This company has a passion for discovering up and coming East neighborhood and buzzing Indonesian Restaurant and Mama Makan trends customizing them for the pleasure of their customers.

They seek an individual to take advantage of their global recruitment drive to work in their Amsterdam outlet. This position is an entry level job.


Hyatt regency


Event Planner Coordinator

An event planner coordinator is required to take up a vacant position in their Amsterdam office. The company seeks an entry level employee who mustn’t be overly qualified for this role. This job is for individuals who are;

  • Team players with a positive personality;
  • Enthusiastic, with a hands-on mentality;
  • True representatives of the company to (potential) clients, the public and other external sources;
  • Natural sales-oriented people;
  • A true support for the company’s events clientele during the entire process;

Benefits Of Working For Hyatt Regency Amsterdam

Working for Hyatt Regency Amsterdam comes with a lot of benefits that makes operations in this company a breeze. This includes;

  • An entry to the Hyatt Family, a place where the employer cares for its people so they can be their best;
  • Offering 12 free nights at Hyatt hotels globally every year and 20% Discounts at our F&B outlets;


working at the Hyatt regency


  • A guest experience in the employee’s city of operation in the Netherlands with a complimentary overnight stay, cocktails & dinner for two;
  • Travel Allowances, starting from a 5 kilometers travel distance from the hotel.
  • Provision of employee uniform and laundry is taken care of in-house.
  • 25 Vacation days

Event Planner Coordinator Criteria For Eligibility

This position is for applicants who are already in the Netherlands or overseas but have already secured a single permit before moving. Hyatt regency does not sponsor work visas to the Netherlands, so potential recipients need to be mindful of this. To be eligible, applicants are required to have;

  • At least 1 year experience working in Events or in a Coordinator role, preferably in a hotel;
  • A degree in Hospitality / Tourism, ideally with a focus in Events, or equivalent experience;
  • Great language and communication skills in English and (ideally) in Dutch;


event planner coordinator


  • A can-do attitude for events related to administrative tasks, projects and other responsibilities;
  • A fun, loving and energized disposition to work;
  • A knack for delivering high level of customer service;
  • Outstanding organizational and administrative skills;
  • Proper telephone etiquette and are confident when on the phone;
  • Exceptional grooming standards;
  • Authority to legally work in the Netherlands, be holders of a EU/EEA passport or a valid work permit for the country (Hyatt Regency do not assist with Visa / permit applications).

Click here to apply


With expertise in the purchasing, distribution and production of wines, Cordier is a major player in the wine industry. They are an international company with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and Switzerland. From Cordier’s website, their mission is to generate sustainable added value by creating drinks that inspire the generations of today and tomorrow.




Medium Level – Order Entry Specialist

Cordier is looking for an order entry specialist, this is an entry level job open in their Dutch office. It is open to foreign nationals; this is in line with the company’s drive for global recruitment towards diversity of their labor force.

Work Detail

Successful applicants will be responsible for the processing of the order flow in a professional manner. Together with other members of the Order Entry team. Successful recipients for this position are responsible for optimally representing the interests of the organization and the customer.

The company is not ignorant of the importance placed on further development within the organization, so new recruits are subjected to regular training after the recruitment process. In this position, the candidate chosen will report directly to the Sales Director/Customer Service Coordinator. Other tasks include;


wine production in the netherlands


  • Invoicing and archiving orders;
  • Processing EDI orders;
  • Tracking feedbacks about delivery from carrier to customer;
  • Processing return orders;
  • Ad-hoc preparation of reports and/or overviews;
  • Contributing knowledge, experience and insights;
  • Answering customers by telephone;
  • Optimal representation of both organizational and customer interests;
  • Signaling deviations;
  • Taking internal and external actions to resolve challenges in the line of work.

Criteria For Eligibility For This Position

There are key criteria for eligibility that most applicants interested in this position must meet before they can proceed to fill an application form. Interested applicants must meet a minimum qualification before they can be considered for this role. This includes;

  • High accuracy when working with the rest of the team;
  • Potential applicants must be flexible and able to take responsibility with the team;
  • Applicants must match the MBO work and thinking level;


Dutch entry level jobs


  • A knowledge of logistics and commercial processes;
  • An affinity for wine;
  • Work experience of at least 2 years in a similar position;
  • Experience with MS Office, experience with SAP is a plus.

Click here to apply for this position.

Nilfisk Inc

Nilfisk incorporated is a global leader in the professional cleaning industry. Listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen, they enable sustainable cleaning worldwide to improve quality of life. Having been in existence for 115 years. This company has stayed committed to providing high-quality products and solutions that ensure clean and safe environments for millions of businesses and homes around the world.


Nilfisk global open positions


They are currently undergoing a strategic transformation from a product-oriented manufacturer to a customer-driven global solution partner. With the need for efficient and visible cleaning solutions skyrocketing, it has become necessary to meet customers’ demands and needs through new technologies and intelligent use of data.

This global cleaning solution provider has sales companies and sells its products and solutions directly in more than 40 countries, and through dealers in more than 100 countries. They have manufacturing operations throughout the world and a total of approximately 4,500 colleagues worldwide.

Customer Care Employee

Nilfisk is currently involved in a global recruitment drive to fill the customer care employee position open in their Dutch outlet. This is an entry level job that seeks to provide customers with comprehensive information on how to solve their problems or assist them in making sound decisions towards maximizing customer satisfaction.


cleaner manufacturing company


One of the key roles of a successful candidate is handling customer complaints and providing swift resolutions, bringing manager’s attention when necessary to ensure that proper and satisfactory services are delivered.

Key Roles And Responsibilities

  • Answering inbound phone calls in a professional and helpful manner.
  • Making outbound phone calls in response to any inquires, questions, or other follow up related issues
  • Confirming account numbers, part numbers & descriptions
  • Communicating with customers on availability, open orders, and ship dates
  • Confirming pricing & availability
  • Answering customer service inquiries, phone calls or emails as assigned and meeting statistical expectations as set by supervisors
  • Supporting administrative duties such as sending and receiving supplier purchase orders
  • Multi-tasking issues related to credits and rebilling according to policy and procedure
  • Prioritizing projects/responsibilities and other duties as assigned


Global recruitment


Criteria For Eligibility For The Customer Care Employee

  • Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  • Anything from entry level to highly experienced are all accepted
  • The company desires applicants with a minimum of 2 years inbound/outbound call experience in a customer service or manufacturing environment. Previous experience as customer service rep, receptionist, call center agent, data entry clerk, or other similar role
  • With fluency in Dutch, English (and French preferred)
  • High level of attention to detail
  • Customer and commercial focused personality
  • Ability to plan, organize, and manage multiple tasks

Dutch sponsorship jobs

  • Ability to analyze problems and solve work related issues
  • Autonomous way of working
  • Accountable, quality driven
  • High level of professionalism and solutions-based decisions
  • Team oriented with a solution mentality
  • Acting reliably and Ethically
  • Coping with setbacks
  • Familiar with MS Word, Excel, Outlook, (SAP and Salesforce preferred).

Click here to apply

How To Apply For These Entry Level Jobs?

All open positions can be applied for by login on to the websites of all mentioned companies and filling the appropriate online application forms for interested positions.

Applicants are advised to include all information necessary to paint the right picture of the candidate’s work history together with the necessary credentials and references. Incomplete applications will not be entertained.


Dutch company hiring globally



Entry level jobs are the easiest ones to secure for foreign nationals who seek to move to the Netherlands to work. However, there are eligibility criteria that has to be met for applicants to successfully get these positions.

Some positions require bilingual applicants who can speak both Dutch and English, while others just require potential beneficiaries who can only speak the English language. And a lesser percentage prefer French proficiency, instead of the previous 2.

Whatever the case applicants have to be aware of the criteria for eligibility before they apply, so as not to be rejected when an application is submitted. This is particularly important for applicants really serious about immigrating to the Netherlands.

What do you think about these entry level jobs? Do you qualify for any of them?

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