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Overseas Adventure Travel Last Minute Deals

The Easter break will arrive sooner than expected, and if you’re considering a family getaway to a sunny destination, explore top overseas adventure travel last minute deals. With an array of fantastic deals to popular destinations worldwide, you’re sure to find the ideal spot for you and your loved ones.

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In the next couple of months with Easter Sunday landing on March 31st, coinciding with numerous schools scheduling their breaks either just before or after this date. This affords ample opportunity for families to plan vacations abroad, considering the unreliable weather typically associated with the UK, particularly in early April. We have taken the liberty of selecting the best holiday deals for your next getaway.


Overseas Adventure Travel Last Minute Deals


Destinations Offering The Best Deals

Dubai boasts an average temperature of 33 degrees Celsius, while Turkey and the Canary Islands offer averages of 22°C and 23°C, respectively. When looking out for top Easter deals, a myriad of hot destinations for an April getaway emerge, spanning from lavish distant retreats to self-sufficient vacations just a short flight away from the UK.

Curious about where the sun shines brightest this Easter? Allow us to step into the role of your personal meteorologist, having meticulously surveyed the landscape to uncover the premier holiday bargains for Easter 2024, promising abundant sunshine (almost assuredly).

Easter In Portugal

Porto Santo Island, Hotel Pestana Porto Santo

Average temperature during March and April: 20 degrees Celsius.

Accommodation recommendation: Consider Hotel Pestana Porto Santo on Porto Santo Island.

Situated amidst the hills, this hotel offers a plethora of amenities including two swimming pools, a bar with views of the sea, themed dining options, and immediate access to the beach. Travelling with children? They will enjoy the dedicated kids’ pool, kids’ club, and evening entertainment.

From late March to early April, Portugal boasts delightful temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius, offering picturesque beaches and breath taking landscapes at every corner. This period presents an excellent opportunity to explore Portugal, as outdoor dining options become available with restaurants unveiling their shutters. The weather is ideal for enjoying outdoor activities such as swimming in poolside retreats or taking leisurely strolls along the coast.



Overseas Adventure Travel Last Minute Deals
Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & SPA, Porto Santo, Portugal

Easter At Tenerife

Best Hotels In Canary Islands: Hotel Best Tenerife

Average temperatures hover around 22 degrees Celsius.

Looking for accommodation? Consider Hotel Best Tenerife, located in Tenerife, part of the Canary Islands.

For aquatic enthusiasts, this is arguably the best hotel in Canary islands offering a large swimming pool onsite, and the beach is just a brief 10-minute stroll away. Families with young children will appreciate the dedicated kids’ pool. Additionally, the main pool features a waterfall and a waterside bar. If you’re keen on exploring, you’ll find bars and restaurants conveniently located within a 5-minute walk.

Tenerife stands out as the most sought-after destination among the Canary Islands. With sunshine throughout the year, numerous beautiful beaches, and abundant water sport opportunities, it’s no surprise that it attracts so many visitors. Let’s not forget about Mount Teide National Park, housing the world’s third-largest volcano. Its otherworldly landscape of solidified lava is truly a breath taking sight.



Overseas Adventure Travel Last Minute Deals
Hotel Best Tenerife in Playa de las Americas


Easter In Dubai

Dukes The Palm A Royal Hideaway Hotel

Mean temperatures: 33 degrees Celsius.

Ideal Accommodation: Dukes The Palm, A Royal Hideaway Hotel, Dubai.

Nestled on the Palm Jumeirah enclave, this opulent resort surprisingly caters to families – featuring a children’s club equipped with both indoor and outdoor recreational amenities, three swimming pools, and an array of activities suitable for all ages. Additionally, a secluded beach and a British-themed restaurant cater to selective palates.

For families seeking an extravagant vacation, Dubai offers unparalleled luxury, boasting pristine white beaches, iconic skyscrapers such as the Burj-Al-Arab, and family-friendly attractions like LEGOLAND and MOTIONGATE theme parks.

Are you a fan of shopping? Dubai’s shopping centres are renowned globally, and with temperatures surpassing 30 degrees Celsius during Easter, it stands as the perfect destination for this time of year.



Overseas Adventure Travel Last Minute Deals
Dukes The Palm, a Royal Hideaway Hotel in Dubai


Easter In Turkey

Best Hotels In Izmir Turkey

Mean temperatures: 22 degrees Celsius

Preferred Accommodation: TUI Blue Ephesus, located in the Izmir Area, Turkey

This lodging stands out as one of best hotel in Turkey for families. Need evidence? Guests receive complimentary access to the adjacent waterpark! Aside from the waterpark, there’s a children’s club, entertainment options, and a designated children’s pool to enjoy, along with a plethora of sports activities suitable for all age groups. And did we mention the nearby beach?

In just under four hours, you can jet off to Turkey from the UK and exchange the brisk spring days for comforting warmth in some of Turkey’s prime vacation destinations. Turkey offers an array of incredible activities, from water sports at every corner to historical sites dotting the landscape, not to mention boasting over 500 Blue Flag beaches.



Overseas Adventure Travel Last Minute Deals
Tui Blue Ephesus, Izmir, Turkey


Costa Del Sol Spain

Average temperatures in this area hover around 20 degrees Celsius.

For accommodation, consider the Holiday Village situated in the scenic Costa Del Sol, Spain.

Within the premises, there’s an assortment of amenities to delight in, including an aerial adventure course, two play areas, four dining establishments, and a rejuvenating spa complete with a pool. As night falls, indulge in a vibrant entertainment schedule.

Moreover, just across the street lies a beach club featuring additional pools, slides, and recreational attractions like a pirate ship and wave simulator, augmenting the offerings of the hotel’s own pools and children’s pool.

A Spanish Easter getaway is unmatched in its allure. With a convenient two-hour flight from the UK, you can relish the charms of the Costa Del Sol without the usual throngs of tourists. This coastal paradise beckons with its sandy beaches, rich historical landmarks, and abundant sunshine, making it an enticing destination for families.



Overseas Adventure Travel Last Minute Deals
Holiday Village Costa Del Sol, Spain


We trust you’ll enjoy the festive season destinations and deals showcased in this article crafted in partnership with our affiliated brand, Encounter Travel. Our team of proficient editors and writers meticulously curated the contents of this promotional feature. Please note that we may earn compensation for this content, as well as a commission from any links clicked or purchases made. Prices are current and products are available at the time of publication.

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