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How To Apply To Study In The UK As An International Student

study in the UK

There are many reasons why you might want to study in the UK. Many people however never get to this stage, thus sacrificing the merits of studying in this location for others like the United States, Canada or even Australia for outlandish reasons. Related article: UK charity work visa: The easiest way to move to […]

UK Charity Work Visa: The Easiest Way To Move To The UK

voluntary work visa uk

Are you a volunteer worker looking for a new challenge? Or a person looking to get into volunteer work in a different country? Maybe you are just looking for the easiest way to relocate to Europe. The UK charity work visa gives you the easiest way to move to the UK. All you need is […]

Half Price Train Ticket In The UK: Its Implication For British Rail Travel

half price train ticket

In one of the biggest short-term rail ticket sales, the government of the United Kingdom and its rail industry are offering half price train tickets. This heavily discounted train fares are to be offered countrywide. This is thought to be a mandatory step geared at stimulating the economy post pandemic in trying to get things […]

Maximum Fine From Fire Safety Officer

Fire safety

When setting up a business in the UK, whether a school, a night club or a superstore chain staying up to date on fire safety protocols authorized by the fire safety service is essential. There is a maximum fine from fire safety officer that can be incurred when these protocols are not followed accordingly. Most […]