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EasyJet unveils holiday deals for elders

EasyJet’s vacation division is presenting complimentary holiday deals for senior citizens on European trips, responding to findings that 50% of families have never taken a vacation abroad with their grandparents. As part of the promotion, one grandparent can enjoy a cost-free journey to destinations like Spain, Greece, and Italy.

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The airline company aims to inspire Britons to embark on holidays with three or more generations of their family through holiday deals designed to see them create memories with grannies and other elderlies in their families. In this article, we take you through all you need to know and how to apply for this rare opportunity.


A group of senior citizens taking advantage of holiday deals by easyjet


Why EasyJet Is Unveiling New Holiday Deals

Matt Callaghan, the COO of easyJet Holidays, expressed pride in providing “numerous complimentary spots for children” while also expressing a desire to acknowledge and cater to grandparents.

Within travel industry publications, multigenerational vacations are being identified as a significant post-pandemic trend. This comes in response to a revived interest among younger generations in vacationing with their parents.

A survey involving 2,000 adults from the United Kingdom revealed that over half of the participants (56%) expressed remorse for not dedicating more time to their grandparents. Additionally, 54% expressed a desire to include their grandparents in upcoming vacation plans.

Of those surveyed, 59% indicated a wish to increase the time spent with the elder members of their family, while 57% expressed a specific interest in creating holiday memories alongside their grandparents.

Holiday Deals For Senior Citizens: Grans Go Free Promotion

Callaghan expressed, “This study underscores the significance of relationships between grandparents and grandchildren, emphasizing the valuable lessons that can be gained by dedicating time to them. To strengthen these crucial family connections, we have introduced our ‘grans go free’ promotion.”

The survey revealed that 77% of individuals acknowledged the special nature of the bond between grandparents and grandchildren within a family. Despite this, 27% admitted to having conversations with their grandparents less frequently than once a week.


A whole family taking advantage of holiday deals by EasyJet


Eligibility Criteria

The promotion commences on February 1 and is limited to a specific number of customers. EasyJet Holidays mentioned that additional slots would be made available on Monday. To be eligible, grandparents must be part of a family booking with at least one child. Proof of age and relationship will be requested upon arrival at the destination hotel.

Travel Cost Consideration

EasyJet Holidays has identified Spain, Italy, and France as the top choices for multi-generational vacations abroad. A majority of respondents, over 50%, expressed a willingness to let their grandparents decide on the destination when planning a trip together.

While 45% acknowledged that grandparents are the primary earners in their families, only 35% anticipate financial contributions from them when holidaying together. Instead, the majority (35%) prefer to treat their grandparents to the vacation experience. Among those open to contributions, 39% would request grandparents to cover their proportionate share of the holiday expenses, and 21% would only expect them to pay for a meal or two during the trip.

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