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Skilled Worker Visa UK: The Fastest Way To Full Residency In Europe

skilled worker visa uk

The skilled worker visa UK offers one of the fastest routes to full residency in Europe. The most attractive part of this proposition is the ease with which it can be obtained. While most work-related visas offered by other countries in Europe and even America require prospective applicants to take labor assessment tests, the opposite […]

A To Z About Canada Student Visa For Foreign Nationals

canada student visa

Getting a Canada student visa to study in Canada is one of the most rewarding projects any individual with plans for the future can embark on, this is because Canada affords students a pathway that could help create a lot of favorable opportunities to work in the country and make one’s stay permanent by securing […]

Canada Visitor Visa In 7 days

canada visitor visa

The Canada visitor visa is one of the easiest ways to travel to Canada, whether the intention of the traveler is moving to this country as a transit point to another or total relocation is what is sought, depending on the country of the applicant and travel documents submitted, a visitor visa to Canada can […]

How To Get PR In New Zealand As An Immigrant

Being an immigrant entering the country with a resident visa and then securing a PR in New Zealand gives one the freedom to work, live, go and come as they please. With this status, a travel visa waiver automatically applies, such that permanent residents are not required to apply for the different travel exception programs […]

Netherlands Work Visa – How To Move To The Netherlands As A Skilled Professional

The Netherlands When many people think about international travels for work, they only think specific destinations such as the United States, Canada, Australia and Dubai. Very few people ever consider eking out a living by securing a Netherland work visa in order to maximize their earnings in this country. Related article: Visa interview questions that […]

UK Charity Work Visa: The Easiest Way To Move To The UK

voluntary work visa uk

Are you a volunteer worker looking for a new challenge? Or a person looking to get into volunteer work in a different country? Maybe you are just looking for the easiest way to relocate to Europe. The UK charity work visa gives you the easiest way to move to the UK. All you need is […]

International Mobility Program: How To Move To Canada In Less Than 14 Days

international mobility program

Moving to Canada on a work visa is the dream of many. A lot of people scour the internet looking for ways to relocate to north America as skilled workers, while many might be competent with skillset in demand within the country, but very few have the required years of experience and funds necessary to […]

Australia Student Visa

australian student visa

Are you torn between studying in Australia or some other country? There are many reasons why you should consider applying for an Australia student visa, thus making this country your key destination for higher studies. For one, year on year 8 universities in this country have maintained their position in the list of top 100 […]

Visa Interview Questions That Will Ensure You Never Get Rejected Again

visa interview questions

In trying to anticipate visa interview questions that will be asked to finalize your visa application process, most people looking to travel simply get lost as they don’t honestly know what to expect. Having worked in an embassy myself for years, I can confirm that the process of preparing a visa interview questionnaire is as […]

EB-3 Visa

EB-3 visa

The third visa preferential category for employment-based permanent residency in the United States. EB-3 visas are for professionals and skilled workers who failed in their attempt at the EB-1 and EB-2 visa applications. The criteria for the EB-3 visa are less stringent, however, it’s crowded with interested applicants, thus the long backlog of waiting candidates. […]